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Uber driver says wages work out to about $8 an hour Raphael Assaf says he picked up 130 fares and made just over $500 in two weeks Raph   Assaf   signed   up   to   drive   with   Uber   a   couple   of   weeks   ago,   attracted   by   the independence   of   the   job,   and   his   interest   in   learning   more   about   the   controversial   ride- booking company. "Something   didn't   sit   right   with   me,"   said   Assaf,   a   film   director   who   recently   moved   to Ottawa   from   British   Columbia.   "They   are   promoting   paying   $20,   $30s   an   hour   versus   fares being so low." Assaf   calculated   that   over   the   past   two   weeks   he's   worked   40   hours,   picked   up   130   fares and made a little over $500. He   estimates   that   after   his   car   payment   and   gas,   he's   actually   been   working   for   less   than $8 an hour. Read more  
City committee clears road for Ride sharing services in Ottawa Uber   —   and   app-based   ride-hailing   services   like   it   —   are   a   major   step   closer   to   operating legally   in   Ottawa   after   a   city   committee   approved   a   raft   of   recommendations   aimed   at reforming the taxi industry on Friday. The   vote   followed   two   days   and   about   18   hours   of   debate   and   public   delegations,   during which   councillors   on   the   community   and   protective   services   committee   heard   from   dozens of representatives on both sides of the debate. Read more
Ride sharing services to become legal in Ottawa as of September It’s now official. Ottawa City Council voted today in favour of legalizing Uber in the Capital under new vehicle-for-hire regulations coming this fall. Today’s vote comes after two days of heated discussion at City Hall last week around changes to Ottawa’s taxi bylaw. Council voted that all taxi and Uber drivers will have to have at least $2 million in liability insurance. Uber drivers and other ride-sharing services will not be required to have cameras in their vehicles – something the taxi industry had been advocating for. Read more
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Comparing Ottawa's new regulations for taxis, Ride sharing services (PTC) City council approved new rules on Wednesday that will allow ride-hailing companies like Uber to operate legally in Ottawa as of Sept. 30. The regulatory changes are being touted by supporters as both additional oversight for the new "Private Transportation Companies" (PTCs) and a loosening of the rules for traditional taxi drivers aimed at allowing everyone to compete on a level playing field. Read more
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Ride app makes debut Greater Sudburians have a new way to get around, and it's free until the end of February. Neville   Hewage,   director   of   business   development   and   strategic   planning   for   oRide,   the first   ride-sharing   program   in   Sudbury,   is   now   in   the   midst   of   configuring   the   app   he developed in the Nickel City. Read more