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Trip on Demand Your   trip   on   demand.   You   choose the    pickup    location    and    final destination.   Once   you   send   the trip    request    the    nearest    driver will accept the trip request.
Track Your Whole Trip You   can   track   your   whole   trip   and driver      arrival,      until      your      final destination. If     you     decide     to     change     your destination,   you   have   the   option   to do   so   on   the   App.   The   driver   will   get the new destination right away.
Safe and Secured All      drivers      are      checked      for criminal    records    and    have    valid insurance.    oRide    makes    sure    all drivers   are   qualified,   professional and   courteous.   You      can   also   rate your    driver.        oRide    monitors    all comments    and    complaints    that you make.
How the Passenger App Works
1. Register You   can   register   online   via   website   or   after   downloading   the   App   to   your   phone.   Please   select   country   code, then   enter   your   phone   number.   Phone   number   will   be   verified   and   you   need   to   enter   the   code   sent   by   text. Then the App will be ready to use.
2. Pick Up Location and Destination Please  enter your pick up location and destination.
3. Enter Credit Card Information Please   enter   your   credit   card   information.   Your   personal   data   is   securely   encrypted   and   protected   by   all   applicable laws. Please note you can not book a ride until you submit valid credit card information.
4. Book Your Ride You   may   now   book   your   ride.   Your   request   will   be   sent   to   the   nearest   driver.   Upon   acceptance   of   a   trip   request   you   will receive   a   notification   “Driver   on   the   Way.”   Once   the   driver   has   arrived   at   the   pick   up   location   you   will   have   another message “Arrived and Waiting.” You may start the ride. Your status will appear as “Passenger on Board.”
5. Drop Off and Payment Once   you   have   reached   your   destination   your   status   will   be   updated   to   “Drop   Off.”   The   fare   will   be   charged   to   your   credit card and the message “Completed” will appear on the App. At this stage you can rate the driver.
Interested in driving for oRide?
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