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Frequently Asked Questions How do I download the App from the Google Play and the Apple Store?         Please type “oRide Partner” and “oRide Passenger” and seach for the App.         Please note if you seach for “oRide” scroll down to find the Apps. oRide Driver Requrements - You're at least 21 years old. -Have a 4-door vehicle, crossover, SUV, Mini-Van, Pickup Truck, etc that is 2006 or    newer. -Have a valid G driver's license and vehicle insurance. -Have no criminal record.  I want to drive for oRide.  How do I register? Please note IE (internet explorer) browser does not support the driver registration module. You may use other popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Step 1: Take photos from your phone or camera.              1. Driver’s License              2. Vehicle  Insurance              3. Vehicle registration              4. Your photograph       5. Vehicle Safety Standard Certificate (Not required when submitting application)       6. Criminal record check (Not required when submitting application)              7. Void cheque to provide bank information for Direct Deposit Step 2: From the website www.oridetechnologies.com click on "Become a Driver"     This will bring you to the driver registration portal. Step 3: Enter information requested at the relevant field Step 4: Upload Photos you had taken at Step 1. Step 5: Submit Once oRide staff have reviewed your details and activated your account, you can start driving.  Make great money from your own car. My credit card has expired. What should I do now? You may update your credit card details. You can not book a ride without a valid credit card. What is the Ottawa oRide fee?           Ottawa oRide Car and oRide Taxi Fee 15%.  What is the Sudbury oRide Fee? oRide deducts only 15% from your fare as a fee. You will keep 85% of your earnings. How do you pay the drivers? Drivers will be paid out on a weekly basis and by Direct Deposit into their bank account. The week starts Monday 00:00 hrs and ends the following Sunday 23:59 hrs. You will receive your pay every Friday. How do I get back to the driver App from Google map navigation?   Android App: you need to use the back button on the device.  iOS App:  There is a back button at the top left icon that is supported by the IOS platform. See more on the photo. Driver App crashed when uploading Photos When you uploading photos, your total size of the photos should not exceed 5MB. If you have difficulty in uploading photos, please email them to support@oridetechnologies.com Rideshare Insurance You need to obtain a Ride sharing insurance policy from providers. You can obtain more details from our insurance provider. Please contact insurance compnay directly for your needs. Craig Worsfold Sales Consultant, Cowan Insurance Group 705 Fountain Street North, Cambridge, ON  N1R 5T2 Tel: 519-650-6360 or 1-866-912-6926 , Ext. 41379 Fax: 519-650-6258 e-mail: craig.worsfold@cowangroup.ca w3: www.cowangroup.ca   Safety Standard Certificate All registered vehicles on oRide platform must have a Safety Standard Certificate (SSC), which is received following a successful vehicle inspection. This  inspection is commonly referred to as a “Safety.” The certificate is  issued by a government-approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. You can obtain it from your local Canadian Tire Auto Service Centre.  What is the rush hour? Morning Rush - 7:00 hrs - 10:00 hrs Evening Rush - 22:00 hrs - 23:59 hrs Night Rush - 00:00 hrs - 5:00 hrs Still you have a question, Please send us an e-mail at support@oridetechnologies.com Text Support: 613 612 7615 Email and Text support available 24/7. If you need to meet someone to get support, please visit our partner support centre. (by appointment only)
Partner Support Centre - Ottawa (by appointment only) oRide Technologies 364 Moffatt Pond Crt Ottawa (Nepean) Ontario, K2J 0C7 Canada email: support@oridetechnologies.com
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